The Q  Salon seeks out some of the best talents enrolled in the Walker Career Center Cosmetology Program at Warren Central High School.  

While completing this two year course with 1500 hours of combined cosmetology theory and practice skills these recruits are taught hands on customer service right here at the Q.

The Future of the Salon

The skills learned while here at the Q Salon help educate our specially selected apprentices to be successful in the hair industry.  The duties change over the apprenticeship as the student gains experience from our salon and in their formal cosmetology training.  

In the beginning they learn how to book appointments for our busy salon with multiple stylists, greet customers, and general overall salon maintenance.  The students learn the value of above standard customer service and develop good communication skills while here at the Q.  As their apprenticeship progresses they observe senior stylists, allowed to shampoo and prepare customers for styling.  They also are schooled on the physical needs of hairdressing ... Standing for long periods of time, being around chemicals and learning chemical mixture quality and safety.   The students quickly learn the art of genuine customer service and adapting to the clients needs by combining techniques and styles to make our Q clients feel valued.  

Apprentices are guided through business and customer service under the supervision of owners, Dave & Teresa McQueen, as well as other senior stylists.

Our goal in the Q Salon Apprenticeship Program is to teach these New Talents, first hand, the process of building a business in the hair industry and making it successful.

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